How to Ensure your Wedding Dress Survives Dry Cleaning

How to Ensure your Wedding Dress Survives Dry Cleaning

Whether you’ve invested $1,000 or $10,000 on your perfect wedding dress, you want to make sure it’s treated with the same care you have for it. We all know that the bride makes the dress, but boy, does a dress you love make you feel special on your day. When the time comes to send your gown in for cleaning and preservation, you want to make sure it comes back safe and sound. Your daughter may want to wear it some day!

Of course, your go-to dry cleaner is going to be the first place you check for dry cleaning your gown. And, they may be the right place! But first, make sure to check these items.

Find a cleaner that specializes in wedding dress cleaning

If the dry cleaner does not focus on wedding dress cleaning and they try to clean your dress anyway, you could end up with a singed or soap-laden dress on your hands. Wedding dress dry cleaning is not one-size fits all. Do your research so you don’t end up in an unfortunate situation.

Ask if they do the work in-house

It’s a common practice for shops to send gowns out to a contracted service for cleaning. There are too many stories online about wedding gowns being lost in shipping or damaged by a careless process and never the same again.

Your wedding dress is more than just some beautifully draped fabric, it’s a representation of the special day you will never forget. When you’re celebrating your 20th anniversary, you will be relieved to know your dress is properly preserved and is still holding onto memories. And who knows, maybe you won’t be the only one who will wear it down the aisle.

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