Oceanside Cleaners -Blog Hero - Endex 99

Oceanside’s Not-so-Secret Weapon to Kill Odor

In 2017, it’s estimated that the sports apparel market generated $168 billion in sales worldwide. And with workout gear considered a highly valuable sector of the fashion industry, it’s no surprise that the value of the global sports apparel market is anticipated to grow for years to come.

What does that mean for you? If you invest in high-quality workout gear and want it to last, quite a bit. Ensuring the longevity of your clothing – especially clothing used for workouts – means two things. First, workout clothing is made with technical fabrics that demand special care so they remain elastic, moisture wicking, and more. Second, the bacteria generated during a workout can remain in the clothing, resulting in difficult-to-eliminate odors, not to mention the potential for bacteria. In both instances, regular laundering oftentimes won’t cut it.

Killing Bacteria & Eliminating Odor

This is where Endex-99 comes in. Oceanside Cleaners uses Endex-99 to kill bacteria and eliminate odor. The product not only kills 99.9% of all bacteria but also “creates a zone of inhibition on the fabrics” so bacteria can’t replicate and, therefore, dies. It is recommended for use on fabrics such as diapers, athletic apparel, uniforms, table linens, bedding, towels, and hospital and institutional linens.

Beyond Workout Wear

While we are focusing on athletic wear odor, we know that eliminating bacteria has broader health benefits for our individual and institutional customers. Oceanside Cleaners is incredibly proud to use standout products that make our services a “must have.”