1. Should I clean my wedding dress?

Yes! We recommend bringing your dress in for cleaning as soon as you can. The longer stains sit, the more difficult the stains are to remove.

2. Will you send my dress out for cleaning?

No, we will not send your dress out for cleaning. In fact, we are the only cleaner in the Jacksonville area that does all our wedding dresses in house and by hand.

3. Do I need to make an appointment to bring my dress?

No appointment is necessary. Please drop the gown off at either one of our locations during our business hours. Either Clare or Donnae will give you a call within 24-48 hours to go over what they have found on your gown and pricing as well as answer any questions you might have. We will not proceed with the cleaning until we have received approval from you.

4. How much does it cost to preserve a wedding dress?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give a price as each dress is different. If you are wanting a quote before dropping the dress off, please email clare@oceansidecleaners.com with a few pictures of the dress. Clare would be more than happy to give you a quote via email!

5. Can you clean my dress before the wedding?

Absolutely! We recommend bringing the gown in for cleaning as soon as possible. If you are doing alterations with us, we will clean your gown after the alterations are completed.

6. How long does it take to clean and preserve a wedding gown?

On average, it takes us 8-10 weeks to clean and preserve wedding dresses. Sometimes it could be shorter than that or take us longer. We will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

7. What is wedding dress preservation?

Once we thoroughly clean your gown, we will place the dress into an acid-free preservation box. We compare the box size to your average sized suitcase. However, if you have a dress with many layers, it could be a bigger box. We fold the dress into the box carefully with a piece of acid-free tissue between each layer. We then stuff the bodice with tissue to give the dress shape. There is a window at the top of the box so you can see the top half of the gown and we drape the veil over the dress if you choose to preserve that as well.

8. What is the preservation guarantee?

We guarantee no yellowing for up to 25 years.

9. Should I clean my wedding dress before selling it?

If you are planning on selling or wearing the dress within the next 5 years, we recommend only cleaning the gown. If stored properly (in a climate controlled, dark room away from a window), the dress shouldn’t begin to yellow until about 5 years.

10. What if I am not ready to preserve the dress yet? Can I bring it back to preserve later?

Yes! If you aren’t sure that you want to preserve the dress, we can clean it now and preserve it at a later date. Keep in mind, we will have to clean the dress again in order to preserve the dress at a later date.

1. When should I get my wedding dress altered?

We recommend booking your first appointment at least 8 weeks before your wedding date. This allows for multiple follow up appointments, if necessary. Tooran, our seamstress, typically completes all work before your second appointment (about 4 weeks before your wedding date) so that if you find anything you want changed, she still has plenty of time.

2. What do I bring to my wedding dress alteration appointment?

We recommend bringing the exact shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day, any undergarments and 1-2 friends or family members for moral support!

3. How long is a wedding dress fitting appointment at Oceanside?

On average an alterations appointment lasts anywhere from 30-45 minutes, depending on what you are needing done.

4. What kinds of wedding dress alterations can your seamstress do?

Tooran is very skilled and familiar with wedding dress alterations. If there is anything specific that you are unsure Tooran can do, please email a few pictures and what you are wanting done to clare@oceansidecleaners.com.

5. Do you press/steam the dress after alterations?

Yes! We can most certainly press the dress after your alterations so your dress is ready to wear on your wedding day!

6. What happens if my appointment date is approaching, but my dress hasn’t come in yet?

Don’t worry! We will work with you on rescheduling your appointment when the dress as come in. This is why it is important to get on our schedule early!

7. How much do alterations typically cost?

Unfortunately, it is hard to give an estimate without seeing your dress as every dress is different. However, Tooran would be more than happy to give you a quote before you even put the dress on during your appointment.

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