Oceanside Cleaners Hero Brides Katherine Cammack

“I am so grateful for Clare and Oceanside Cleaners for ridding my gown of dirt, makeup, and even red wine stains!”

When was your wedding date?

My wedding date was December 30th, 2017. It was a COLD (-4 degree) white wedding!

What was your wedding location and venue name?

We got married in our hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana. Our venue was a 1922 renovated historical theater called the Indiana Theater. We relocated to Jacksonville a couple years prior to the wedding, but it was so special to get married in our hometown.

Who is the designer of your gown and where was it purchased?

The designer of my gown was Atelier Pronovias, a designer based in Barcelona, Spain. It was purchased at Marie Gabriel Couture in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

There are so fond memories from the day, it is hard to pick just one! A favorite, though, would have to be looking out into the crowd during our ceremony, hand-in-hand with my husband, feeling the love that everyone was sharing. It was a truly special moment.

When did you know that your gown was “the one”?

I tried on so many gowns of different shapes and styles. While I initially thought I would love detailed, lace gowns, it turned out I liked quite the opposite. While shopping, my sister noted that this style of gown was true to my personal style—simple and classy. After that, I felt like I would feel like myself in my gown. Another “aha” moment was when I heard the designer was based in Spain, where I studied abroad my sophomore year. It felt like destiny.

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Oceanside Cleaners Brides Katherine Cammack Groom

How did you and your husband meet?

Matthew and I are from a smaller hometown and knew each other briefly through the swimming community. It wasn’t until we ran into each other one Christmas break that we reconnected and hit it off. At the time, I was living in St. Louis, and he was living here in Jacksonville. We dated long distance for two and a half years before I moved to Jacksonville.

Why did you want to get your gown cleaned and preserved?

I wanted my gown to be just as beautiful every day as it was on my wedding day. One day, I hope a family member may want to borrow it and love it just as much as I do.

I am so grateful for Clare and Oceanside Cleaners for ridding my gown of dirt, makeup, and even red wine stains! I was floored when I saw the before and after photos and cried happy tears!

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What made your wedding ceremony feel extra special?

We were married by a dear mutual friend of ours. She worked so hard at incorporating our story, our love, and our morals into the ceremony to make it perfect. We also wrote our own vows. Sharing my vows and listening to his will be something I will never forget.

Photographer credit: Max Catterson Photography

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