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Cleaning Care for the American Flag

Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day—the summer flag-bearing holidays are near. Now is a great time to check your flag and get it cleaned, if necessary.

Are there requirements by the United States on laundering the flag? No, says the American Legion. The U.S. Flag Code does not have any provisions on cleaning, but recommends that the method chosen is dependent on the material.

According to Mike Harris, the owner of Oceanside, if the fiber content of your flag is polyester, nylon or cotton, it is best to hand wash it in cool water with a mild detergent and hang it to dry. Do not use a clothes dryer. Another option is to wash flags in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with a cold-water wash and rinse. Regardless of your washing method, it is recommended to first check to make sure the fabric is colorfast. If the material content of your flag is unknown, or if it is old or fragile, take it to your dry cleaner for a professional cleaning.

As with anything, if you have questions regarding cleaning anything around your home, let us know. We are happy to help.