Moving? Let Us Move Your Clothes for You

Moving from one home to another can be challenging if not downright exhausting. Of course, one of the most cumbersome aspects is moving all of your family’s clothes. Thankfully, Oceanside has a unique, complimentary service for existing customers—we will move your clothes for you!

Believe it or not, we will pick up your clothes and transport them to your new home free of charge. After all, our vans are set up for delivering clothes! “One day, one of our customers mentioned they were going to be moving,” explains the owner of Oceanside, Mike Harris. “It dawned on us that our vans were already configured with ‘slick rails’ that are used for our pick-up and delivery service. So offering this service would be easy, yet would make our customers’ moves easier.”

The service has received lots of accolades. In fact, Greg and Shanley Smith shared that the help from Oceanside literally changed their moving experience. “Oceanside showed up promptly with neat employees who had the same great attitudes we always experience at Oceanside,” says Greg.

If you’re an Oceanside customer and a move is in your future, just let us know!