Your Wedding Dress & Its Happily Ever After

“After my wedding, I was convinced my dress was trashed. We had an outdoor ceremony and some of our reception, including our dance floor, was outdoors. The bottom of my perfect ivory dress was covered in dirt and had red wine stains.” — Laura

We know the time, energy, and emotion that you put into choosing the perfect wedding dress. Among all of the details that go into planning a weddingfrom the vows to the food to the music and moreyour wedding dress is one of the most important symbols of your important day.

But when the wedding and reception take its toll on your dress, don’t worry. At Oceanside Cleaners, we are committed to ensuring your wedding dress is cleaned and preserved so it will continue to be a beautiful, timeless symbol of your wedding day. When you bring your wedding dress to Oceanside Cleaners after your wedding, the dress will go through three key steps as part of the cleaning and preservation process.

Step #1 – Inspection: We carefully inspect each gown for damage and stains. Our inspection process detects hidden stains and we do everything in our power to remove them.

Step #2 – Cleaning: We hand clean each gown to protect delicate beading, lace, and embroidery. We use everything at our disposal to remove all stains — both seen and unseen.

Step #3 – Preservation: We carefully pack your gown using a museum-quality process and acid-free materials. This process protects your gown from the air and light that causes unprotected gowns to yellow over time.

The end result? Memories. Not from a stained wedding dress but beautiful, stunning memories from a beautiful gown that will last for generations to come.

My dress was spotless by the time [Clare] and her team worked their magic. It literally looked like the day I picked it up from the bridal shop. I chose to preserve my dress and the presentation is beautiful. I shared my photos of the dress on my Instagram account and friends were FLOORED!” — Laura

We want every customer to have an experience just like Laura’s!