What honestly sold us was when my mom was speaking to the woman on the phone, she said her name was Claire, which was my nana’s name.

When was your wedding?

We were married on April 30, 2022.

What was the name of your venue and why did you choose it?

Our venue was the Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club.

How long did it take to plan your big day? Any vendors you’d like to recognize?

We took the long engagement route and were engaged for two and a half years, so we planned for a solid year and a half. Some of our vendors were:

Ashley Bri Weddings
Simply Elegant Events
Our Story Productions
Glam King
A & T Nails
Alli•SUN Spray Tans
Sweet Bites by Eula

Tell us about wearing your mom’s gown!

I met my bonus mom when I was two and my parents got married when I was three. When they got married 20 years ago, my nana, who has now passed, preserved the dress for her. For all these years, it has been in a box either under her bed or on the top of her closet. When my husband Justin and I finally set a date, I asked my mom if I could wear her wedding dress. She of course cried and asked me, “Really, my dress?” I wanted to wear her dress because my parents’ relationship is something I have always idolized. I was so ecstatic to wear her beautiful gown on my special day to honor my parents, their relationship and their love…and to bring all the blessings to our new marriage.

Why did you want to get your gown cleaned and your veil steamed and delivered?

Our wedding planner searched the area for cleaners. We learned that when it comes to wedding dresses, a lot of cleaners ship their dresses away to get cleaned, hence why it takes weeks to a month to get it back. We stressed to our wedding planner that the dress was 20 years old, so we wanted someone that was going to be careful and not ship my dress out because I was stressed it may get lost. When my mom called Oceanside Cleaners, they made her feel so comfortable and when they offered delivery, she said heck yeah. With the dress being satin, we were worried that if we picked it up before the wedding, it would get wrinkled. What honestly sold us was when my mom was speaking to the woman on the phone, she said her name was Claire, which was my nana’s name. It felt like it was a sign from God saying this was our place and my nana was watching over us.

How did you and your husband meet?

We are high school sweethearts. I was 17 and he was 18 when we met.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

I don’t have a specific favorite memory. Our entire day was absolutely perfect, and I felt like I was on a cloud. Marrying my best friend was the best day of my life!

What made your wedding ceremony feel extra special?

Our officiant was my husband’s dad, so having him officiate our wedding made it so much more special, especially because he actually knew us and our love.


Photographer credit: Our Story Productions

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