Oceanside Cleaners - Blog Hero - Can You Wash Pillows

Can you wash pillows?

Ideally, you want to wash your pillows twice a year to remove built-up lotion, dead skin, maybe even mildew.

Many cleaning articles will tell you that with a normal top-load or front-load washer you will easily be able to get your pillows clean. But in reality, you will need to devote multiple days to properly drying these so you don’t end up with a clumpy, smelly pillow. That said, we suggest you don’t try this DIY solution.

Why can’t I wash my pillow at home?

Washing your pillow in your home washing machine can bring unpleasant results. If you don’t have a down pillow, a top-load washing machine can damage the filling. And drying a down pillow in the dryer can singe its feathers!

But the real reason we advise against washing your pillows is because that even when using low sudsing detergent, it is very difficult to rinse out all of the detergent. What happens when you leave a small amount of detergent residue? You get a clumpy, smelly pillow. This is something that might not be apparent right away, but after a week of sleeping on your once-lovely pillow, you will notice.

How can I clean my pillow?

The easiest way to keep your pillow fresh and living a long life is to bring it to a dry cleaner. We have the ability to ensure your pillow is dry and free of clumpy detergent. Don’t ruin your favorite pillow trying to tackle this job yourself; bring it to us and we will return your clean, dry pillow.