Why Oceanside Cleaners Isn’t for Everyone

Blue ribbon service, complimentary pickup and delivery, expert attention to detail, an effortless experience. These are the hallmarks of Oceanside Cleaners, the values and tenets we live and breathe day in and day out. But we’re not for everyone, and here’s why.

We’re Not for Harsh Chemical Lovers

When it comes to chemicals, harshness seems like the winning way to go. Be gone grime! Get outta here stain! Harsh chemicals can feel powerful, invincible.

But what about their impact on your health and the environment? Do you really want the harshest cleaners in contact with your skin, one of your body’s most sensitive and essential organs? At Oceanside Cleaners, we understand the power of gentle cleaning. We use eco-friendly products that get your whites whiter, keep your colors bright, won’t irritate your skin and remain easy on Mother Nature. We pride ourselves on delivering advanced cleaning that’s gentle on your clothes and you. Plus, we even make our own starch!

We’re Not for Penny Pinchers

While to some people cheap can be understood as a good value, more often than not it has a negative connotation. While certainly an option, the problem with less expensive dry cleaning services is that they often do more harm than good to your clothes and, ironically, your wallet because oftentimes your clothes don’t last as long. At Oceanside Cleaners, we provide top-notch service for every garment that enters our facilities. Our expert team takes the time to properly inspect and clean each item with the best and safest soaps and detergents that keep your clothes looking and feeling their best.

We’re Not for DIYers

Thanks to the ubiquity of YouTube tutorials—seemingly as plentiful as grains of sand—anyone can learn how to do pretty much anything on their own. After all, research and learning have the sweet rewards of satisfaction and accomplishment.

But who has the time these days to learn how to repair a wingtip or tailor a blouse? Who has the time to even do what they want to do let alone what they have to do? Why not save some time and hassle with our gratis door-to-door courier services? Why not spend time with your kids at the beach instead of de-tangling thread to fix that broken button? Oceanside Cleaners provides first-rate services like complimentary button repair or replacement, giving you back something we’re all short on these days: time.

We’re Not for Chore Lovers

There’s a kind of meditative quality to washing, drying and folding. And the oh-so-good feeling of having zero laundry? Pure bliss. If doing laundry is your best life, we wish you many cloud-nine hours folding fitted sheets and removing set-in stains.

But if you’re a chore hater, we’re here to help. Get your coveted downtime back with our wash and fold or shirt laundry services. If you’re heading out of town, we’ll even fold your button-down shirts for wrinkle-free travel. For household items like draperies, we’ll come to you and clean them onsite. No more spring cleaning blues, no more party-prep anxiety, no more nagging chores!