When a customer invests in a piece of clothing, it’s essentially a work of art that deserves special treatment to ensure it looks as good as new. That’s why at Oceanside Cleaners, we offer extra special cleaning services for high-end designer or couture garments.

What to look for in designer garment cleaning services

We are pleased to offer the following high-end dry-cleaning services, which most other professional cleaners are not equipped for:

Onsite cleaning
All our work is done in our facility, so we have full control over quality.
Concierge treatment
We protect hardware such as buttons, tassels, buckles and leather logos. Where necessary, we’ll do pre-spotting, wet cleaning or hand washing to complement the dry-cleaning process, including odor remediation.
Trims and embellishments
We pay special attention to sequins, beads, rhinestones, glitter, feathers, etc. to preserve them in their original state.

We follow strict cleaning protocols with your designer garments

At Oceanside Cleaners, designer garments receive their own cleaning process:

Once we receive customers’ approval, high-end garments are treated with the utmost attention. We establish a photographic record of the garment and its details, along with documentation of the value.
Handling by Specialists
Garments are only cleaned by specialists trained in high-end cleaning techniques that consider fabric, texture, color and shape.
Finishing Attention
After the garment is cleaned, it is pressed by a designer garment finisher and then placed into a safe garment bag for protection and transport.

You’ve made an investment to look your best in a high-end garment that is beautiful, lasting and a perfect fit. Our cleaning process will help preserve that garment so each time you wear it, it feels like the first time.