Seven Bridal and Wedding Trends for 2023

Following the recent New York Bridal Fashion Week, designers and wedding planners are beginning to offer a peek at 2023 bridal fashion and wedding event trends. If you’re beginning to plan your 2023 wedding, here are seven key trends.

First, wedding gown trends:

1. Blue is in

A trendy blue wedding gown. (Photo by Trent Bailey, Brides Magazine.)

White gowns will forever be the number one choice of brides, but each year a new color becomes popular for less traditional brides. In recent years, these trend colors were beige and pink. In 2023, the trend color is blue, particularly soft shades of blue.

2. Colors accents galore

Color accents will remain popular, as they were in 2022, with some brides selecting floral prints or using color in accessories. But be discreet, wedding experts say. For a vibrant look, less is more.

3. Gloves are back

Inspired by period streaming shows, like Downton Abbey, gloves add a classy reference to the past and a layer of elegance. Fabric may be lace or traditional silk, with colored gloves offering a touch of color to a white gown.

4. Ruffles and Feathers

Ruffles and feathers. (Photo: Justin Alexander Signature)

Brides are adding a softer look with ruffles and feathers in combination with starker lines. An example is a mermaid gown with a ruffled skirt, as shown in the photo. ­

Next, wedding event trends:

5. Personalized weddings

2023 will see changes that go beyond the bride’s dress. One common prediction is called the “micro wedding.” These are small weddings limited to family and close friends. Non-traditional venues will become more popular, as brides and grooms choose sites that reflect their values, such as a nature center. Eco-friendly touches will be a trend, too, such as invitations on recycled paper, re-use of bouquets as table decorations and serving health foods.

6. Local weddings

The glamor of destination weddings wore off during the pandemic and has given way to local and more personalized weddings in the bride’s hometown. This way, family and friends can afford to attend. It’s all part of a trend away from glamor and glitz and large-scale events that sometimes leave everyone exhausted and unconnected. The new focus is on who you are, not where you are.

7. Longer planning

The backlogs coming out of the pandemic apply to all things wedding. Wedding planners for 2023 events are cautioning brides to start early. Wedding dresses can take six to eight months to order, depending on the manufacturer. In addition, sites are booking a year in advance. Even photographers, musicians and florists want as much lead time as possible. Why the crunch? Competition is growing. Axios predicts 2.2 million weddings will occur in 2023, which would be a record.

And then there is the issue of picking the actual date

Along with these trends is the issue of the actual wedding date. While any date between May and October is common, many brides and grooms are consulting astrologists as to the best date to schedule their wedding. In 2023, astrologists say the luckiest wedding date is September 10, when the sun and new moon are in Libra, which promises less conflict during the marriage.

Start planning now!

No matter what your beliefs and influences, 2023 promises to be a hectic wedding year. It’s best to begin planning as soon as possible and that includes planning for the details related to the bridal gown and other attire. Oceanside Cleaners specializes in wedding dress (and wedding party clothing) alterations, but we book up early so ask that you please plan in advance. Oceanside also cleans gowns before the ceremony (if needed) and afterwards and offers a popular wedding gown preservation service.

Five Top 2022 Wedding Dress Trends

From May through October, wedding season is in full bloom. While most people think June is the top wedding month (with 15% of all weddings), September actually takes first place, with 16% of all weddings. Every year in the U.S., about 2.4 million weddings are performed.

Notice Grace Kelly’s high neckline in her 1956 marriage to Prince Rainier in Monaco. High necklines are back in 2022.

What are brides wearing this year?
This year, brides are selecting corset bodices, voluminous skirts, square or high necklines, and bridal hoods. Here’s a look at the top five trends.

  1. A mix of old and new. 2022 brides are combining traditional and unconventionalbridal dress elements. For example, brides are mixing minidresses, blazer dresses and colorful gowns with classic accessories, such as birdcage veils and gloves. The high neckline, popular in the 1950s, is back.
  2. Exposed corsets. This peek-a-boo into how the dress is structured gives a nod to the craft of the dress as well as being sexy.
  3. Oversized ruffles and skirts. Just as there is a trend for larger weddings, there is a trend for bride skirts and shoulders to be oversized, with huge, ruffled and textured fabrics.
  4. Color. While 82% of brides wear white, the recent trend toward colored gowns is gaining steam, as are patterns with colorful flowers. Pastels are favored, but so are stark black and white patterns.
  5. Personality. More and more, brides want their dresses to reflect their personality, whether it be modern or romantic, dramatic or traditional.

    Pastels and oversized ruffles are gaining in popularity. This short dress with a long train mixes old and new.

These styles and trends cost money
The average wedding dress in 2022 costs $1,251, plus $227 for accessories.

While tradition says the bride’s family covers the majority of the wedding costs, including the gown, times have changed. Today’s customs vary and support comes from multiple sources. Sometimes the bride and groom pay for the wedding costs. One study found that, on average, parents of both the bride and groom contribute a combined 51% of the wedding budget, while the wedding couple covers the remaining 49%. The bridal party tends to pay for their own dresses and suits.

The average cost of a 2022 wedding, including the gown, is $28,000.

Protecting that investment
Most brides want to preserve their wedding gown. Some brides hope to share their gown with their daughters when the daughters get married. Others save their gown for sentimental reasons. To best preserve a wedding gown, brides should select a cleaner that specializes in wedding gown cleaning and preservation. The best cleaners mend repairs, use cleaning processes that preserve the material and shape, and provide a storage box that maintains the gown’s integrity over time.

Oceanside Wins Wedding Dress Care Award for 5th Straight Year

The Knot, a global company with resources for engaged couples, newlyweds and first-time parents everywhere, has awarded Oceanside Cleaners their “Wedding Dress Care Award” for 2022, marking the fifth-straight year for Oceanside to receive the award.

Oceanside has also been inducted into “The Knot Hall of Fame.”

The annual award is for “exquisite care for your wedding gown—before, during and after your big day.” Oceanside gown services include: alterations, pre-wedding pressing and finishing, delivery to the venue, and post wedding cleaning and preservation.

Unlike many other bridal cleaners, Oceanside is the only cleaner in Jacksonville that won’t ship a wedding gown out of town for cleaning.

On its website, The Knot includes a special tribute to Oceanside Cleaners, along with customer comments. Among them:

  • Alterations are performed quickly and beautifully. “Everyone we worked with was extremely kind and professional. Their attention to alteration detail is unmatched.” (Lauren R.)
  • Fast turnaround before the ceremony. “I didn’t think I would have enough time to get my dress cleaned after alterations, but they made it happen!” (Emily W.)
  • After wedding cleaning. “We had a fun night dancing and my dress showed it. Oceanside called with the inspection details and cleaning required a few days after I dropped it off. The whole process was simple and professional.” (Samantha D.)
  • Gown preservation. “The bride had some red wine stains that a guest spilled on the back of her silk dress and Oceanside successfully removed those! The dress looks fabulous and certainly will be able to be worn again one day!!” (Karen F.)
  • Personal service. “Clare and the Oceanside team were extremely helpful and easy to work with! I had my wedding dress cleaned so I could wear it for an anniversary photo and then had it cleaned and preserved after that.” (Emily H.)

The Knot offers wedding planning tools and curated vendor options for invitations, registries, attire, rings, gifts and favors. The Knot Best of Weddings is an annual award that recognizes the top wedding vendors across the country. This prestigious honor represents the highest rated vendors on The Knot who are trusted and dependable as well as deliver quality service.

Oceanside Enters the Hall of Fame!

the knot Best of Wedding Hall of Fame

Oceanside Enters the Hall of Fame!

After a trying 2020, we begin 2021 completely blown away that Oceanside has won The Knot Best of Weddings for the fourth year in a row, earning its spot in The Knot Hall of Fame!

“We are delighted to have won The Knot Best of Weddings and join the Hall of Fame,” said Clare Harris, bridal services manager and certified wedding gown specialist at Oceanside Cleaners. “This recognition is especially meaningful because it’s a direct reflection of our customers’ reviews, so it speaks to their satisfaction with our services.”

Both of these awards recognize local wedding vendors across the country as rated by couples on The Knot. Each year, The Knot analyzes its millions of user reviews to determine the top-rated vendors. Fewer than five percent of vendors on The Knot are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Harris added, “We take great care to ensure our brides understand each step of the process before and after their big day and we treat each dress as if it were our own. They trust us with one of their most important garments. It’s an honor to receive that trust and a pleasure to see that our attention to detail does not go unnoticed.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be recognized for the outstanding care we take of our brides, but know we couldn’t do it without you! Yes you, our real brides, clients, family and friends! Thank you for spreading the word about Oceanside’s bridal services and for taking the time to share your Oceanside experiences through reviews and testimonials. Thank to our brides for trusting us to alter, finish and preserve their most cherished clothing item—we are honored to be part of your big day and after!

To learn more about alternations, finishing services, and preserving your gown schedule a free consultation—we’d love to help!

The Oceanside Difference: Creating a Culture of CARE

Oceanside Facility

The Oceanside Difference: Creating a Culture of CARE

Recently, we’ve had a run of good news at Oceanside Cleaners. In November, CINET, a global textile care association, honored Oceanside Cleaners as the best retail cleaner globally among small and medium-sized businesses. The next week America’s Best Cleaners included us in the 2020 Leadership Forum, where our owner, Mike Harris, served on a panel of five industry leaders to discuss how we’ve managed and adapted in the current business environment. And only a few weeks later, we learned that The Knot was inducting Oceanside Cleaners into its Best of Weddings Hall of Fame.

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Postponed Wedding? Here’s How to Store Your Gown

Postponed Wedding? Here’s How to Store Your Gown

If your wedding has been postponed, you’re undoubtedly making alternate plans. Maybe the “backyard wedding” isn’t quite your style and you’re choosing to wait. Or, maybe you’re having a small ceremony on your original wedding date and the reception later. No matter what your plans, here are a few tips on how to safely store your gown until the big day.

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Something Blue

Something Blue

Blue may very well be the world’s most loved hue. It’s also a symbol of love, purity, and fidelity in the Old English wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence for her shoe.” The phrase dates back to 19th century Lancashire in northwest England and refers to the five things a bride should wear on her wedding day in order to bring prosperity to her marriage and protect her future offspring. With Pantone’s announcement of Classic Blue as the color of 2020, brides may be emboldened to step up the role blue plays in their weddings this year. Pantone says, “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Classic Blue may very well be a match made in heaven for brides.

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Why Brides Love Oceanside Cleaners Pre- and Post-Wedding

Why Brides Love Oceanside Cleaners Pre- and Post-Wedding

With the rise in do-it-yourself weddings, more couples are tackling their wedding logistics solo. But even without a professional planner, weddings take a village to pull together: the caterer, the venue staff, the photographer, the wedding party. When it comes to wedding garments, savvy brides turn to Oceanside for exquisite, hands-on care—without extra planning or hassle. Here’s why brides love using Oceanside before, during and after their special day.

Top-Notch Tailoring & Alterations

The complex structure and delicate materials of a wedding gown require expert care. Oceanside’s astute team ensures you—and your dress—look your absolute best for your big day. With our professional alterations, your dress will look as if it’s been designed specifically for you, beautifully accentuating and flattering your figure. In addition to gowns, we also alter bridesmaid dresses and formal wear plus we tailor tuxedos and suits so everyone in the wedding party can look and feel their best. Schedule your bridal fitting at our Ponte Vedra location.

Pre-Wedding Pressing and Finishing

The gown’s intricate beading, lace, and embroidery requires time, attention, and expert care. We carefully steam and press your gown a day or two before the ceremony so it’s wrinkle-free and picture-perfect for the aisle. The final days before the wedding can be harried and frantic, so rest easy knowing you’ve left the pressing details to us.

Venue Delivery

Cross another wedding “to do” off your list with our venue delivery services. Our experienced transportation staff will personally deliver your pressed gown to the wedding or photo venue, giving you peace of mind and extra time to spend getting ready, sipping champagne, and making memories for years to come.

Post-Wedding Pick Up

After you’ve said your vows and tossed the bouquet, chances are your dress will show the evidence of your bliss: makeup smudges, dirt, sweat, wine, tears, rips. The sooner you get your dress cleaned and preserved the better to prevent permanent damage. But who wants to make a trip to the dry cleaners in her first days of marital bliss? Oceanside’s concierge pick-up services get your dress the care it needs while giving you precious time with your new spouse.

When you say “I do” to Oceanside’s award-winning gown specialists, you can plan on having an exceptional experience that makes wedding planning easier.

How to Ensure your Wedding Dress Survives Dry Cleaning

How to Ensure your Wedding Dress Survives Dry Cleaning

Whether you’ve invested $1,000 or $10,000 on your perfect wedding dress, you want to make sure it’s treated with the same care you have for it. We all know that the bride makes the dress, but boy, does a dress you love make you feel special on your day. When the time comes to send your gown in for cleaning and preservation, you want to make sure it comes back safe and sound. Your daughter may want to wear it some day!

Of course, your go-to dry cleaner is going to be the first place you check for dry cleaning your gown. And, they may be the right place! But first, make sure to check these items.

Find a cleaner that specializes in wedding dress cleaning

If the dry cleaner does not focus on wedding dress cleaning and they try to clean your dress anyway, you could end up with a singed or soap-laden dress on your hands. Wedding dress dry cleaning is not one-size fits all. Do your research so you don’t end up in an unfortunate situation.

Ask if they do the work in-house

It’s a common practice for shops to send gowns out to a contracted service for cleaning. There are too many stories online about wedding gowns being lost in shipping or damaged by a careless process and never the same again.

Your wedding dress is more than just some beautifully draped fabric, it’s a representation of the special day you will never forget. When you’re celebrating your 20th anniversary, you will be relieved to know your dress is properly preserved and is still holding onto memories. And who knows, maybe you won’t be the only one who will wear it down the aisle.

Oceanside Cleaners is the only dry cleaner in Jacksonville that cleans bridal gowns in-house.

If you’d like to learn more about wedding gown services at Oceanside Cleaners, just call (904) 642-6177 or check out our Instagram.