We think that our service is great, but our customers know best. Just listen to what they have to say about our work:

Dear Mr. Michael Harris,

This email is in response to a letter I received from you requesting feedback. I suspect the letter was sent because my family and I no longer use Oceanside Cleaners, and we were weekly customers for about 4 years, usually twice weekly. In short, the only reason we discontinued using Oceanside was because we moved to another state. We were thoroughly satisfied with Oceanside in every respect. Your customer service was always polite, prompt and professional, delivery was always as promised, your company never forgot a committed pick up (we used home pick up service), and the quality of your company’s work exceeded expectations. So, we have always been thoroughly pleased with Oceanside, we would use no one else. Again, only because we relocated to another state did we stop using Oceanside.

Thank you for your interest in your customer’s opinion. You’re obviously a talented, involved business owner.

Patrick and Susan Arko

Dear Michael,

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service provided to us by Oceanside Cleaners. I’m picky about my business attire and you are by far the best cleaners I’ve ever used. The little things that you do make all the difference, my pants are never double creased, and your staff takes the time to replace the occasional broken button on my shirts.

It has been our great pleasure to have Basilio as our customer service person for the last three years. Basilio, in everything he does represents the finest qualities of truly personal service. We moved recently and Basilio took the time to not only find our new place, but also to stop by and let us know whenever we needed him just to call. You are indeed fortunate to have him on your team. Frankly it’s a good thing for you that I use your service, if I didn’t I’d offer Basilio a place in my own organization.

To you Michael, congratulations on the outstanding team you’ve assembled, your devotion to quality and superior customer service shows. You are welcome to use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


Scott Bergquist
Director of Sales
Progressive Medical Concepts

Dear Amy and Mike,
Just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had at the PV Oceanside cleaners/alterations.
I was matron of honor at my best friends wedding two weekends ago and needed a bit fixed on my dress.  Bella was wonderful.  It was a great set up and I felt confident all would be fine and on time.  When I went to pick it up, three people walked in at the same time and there was only one person at the register.  Magically two other people immediately appeared from the back.

I have many more things to be altered and I think I just found a new home for that.  Thank you for an excellent operation.

Lori Delgado Anderson

Amy and Michael –
I picked up my clothes the other day and there was an envelope of things I had left in a pocket. Your team had found and saved a little hand cut out heart that my daughter had given me. It was colored red and said “I Love You Dad”. It could have easily been thrown away unnoticed. But instead, it was the loveliest surprise I could have received. Thanks for running a wonderful business.

John W. 
St. Johns

I have seen the light!  I have been overwhelmed by how much I love your company.  You had me at “delivery.” I left my other dry cleaners and haven’t looked back. We have been so happy with everything.  The customer service, the follow through, the personalized cleaning bags, the collar stays, the alterations, etc.  That doesn’t even include the actual cleaning portion of your business. We just went to an estate sale and bought outdoor furniture with cushions.  I drove straight to the beach store and dropped off the cushions.  Your mom said they would be ready in a week!  There were about 20 cushions so I couldn’t believe they would be ready so fast.  My delivery day is tomorrow and I know I will not be disappointed. I have only used your upholstery cleaning in the past but now I will give all of my business to you.  Thanks so much for everything! Take care and we’ll see you soon.

Jenny Wingate
Ponte Vedra Beach

“I’ve been through my share of drycleaners through the years but Oceanside is, by far, the finest I have experienced.   Their work is excellent and their staff is always welcoming and knowledgeable.  Owners Mike and Amy Harris have always treated me like a friend rather than just a customer.  I highly recommend them!”

Betsy Snow

Our family has been using Oceanside Cleaners for many years and have found their service and personnel to be the best in the Jacksonville area. On the few occasions when problems have arisen, Oceanside immediately stepped up and provided a solution that was more than fair. We recommend Oceanside to all of our friends.

Steven C. Koegler, Esq

I wanted to email you and thank you for assisting me in getting my clothes cleaned prior to my trip to California last week. You helped me utilize the drop box and personally, made certain that my clothes were cleaned in 24 hours rather than the regular 48 hours time period.

Thank you – Karel Ourednik

Oceanside Cleaners has been my dry cleaner for a little over 2 years now and I must say that I’ve never been more pleased. The staff is so friendly and the service so prompt and thorough. They always go the extra mile and do the little things like replacing buttons that are cracked or about to fall off. The best part of Oceanside Cleaners is their delivery service; it’s so convenient- you never have to leave the office! I recommend Oceanside to all my friends. Give them a try!

Patty Murphy

I use Oceanside because they do a great job and save me time. On the scheduled day, I set my cleaning out for pick up. It disappears and then reappears a few days later, cleaned and ready to wear. I didn’t have to haul it, drive it, clean it or press it! That’s the kind of help we all need!

Oceanside really came to the rescue shortly after our daughter was born. We thought we had made all the important adjustments… what we didn’t realize is that we also needed to protect our house from the “surprises” that babies sometimes produce. Our little girl made a very nasty mess on our sofa cushion. Catastrophe! When I called Oceanside for advice on what to do, Michael told me not to worry. He had me put the entire 80″ cushion outside and the Oceanside driver picked it up within the hour, mess and all!

A few days later, our cushion was delivered to our door, looking and smelling like new! Amazing!

Thank you, Oceanside! – Lindley Tolbert

Hi Mike,
Just want to let you know that I’m so pleased with the headboard cleaning done last Thursday! Not all of the stain came out, but is at least 80% better – probably no one else would ever notice it. Our lanai cushions look new again, and a test cleaning done on one of the dining room chair stains came out completely. Am going to seriously consider having all the chairs cleaned this fall. You provide a great service, and I’ll highly recommend it to friends. Thank you so much!

Barb Johnson

I was looking for a good cleaner and a friend recommended them. That was the first year they were open… I have been with them ever since. I guess that says something about their service!

I recently used their Onsite service for my home and condo. The employees were friendly and professional. They did a great job on my cushions and drapes! They made it so easy to keep my home clean and fresh!

I love the free pickup and delivery service! So convenient!

Sometimes I do drop things off at their drive thru… they greet me with a smile and help me with my items. It’s like seeing an old friend!

Ann Adele Allf, Long time Oceanside Customer

I have been a customer for 4-5 years
I just tried them one day. I liked the fact that they are a family business.
They are open long hours so it is convenient to drop off and pick up on my way to the grocery store.”
I have used them for alterations. Very excited that Bella is working there now. She is an Expert Tailor. Not just hems and buttons. She understands the structure of a piece and can rework it so it fits correctly.
I have had them come out to the house and do 2 rooms and my full length, lined drapes. Mr. Harris came along and introduced me to the men who would be doing the cleaning of my upholstery and drapes. They were dressed in uniforms and were so polite and conscientious. That made me feel comfortable about having them in my home. It is so nice to have them handle all that right at the house. Everything turned out beautiful. I am very satisfied.”

R.H. from Ponte Vedra Beach



I just wanted to say thank you for the note you sent. It is things like this, along with the great consistent service your company provides that keep me coming back.

Every time I have needed to call or stop by one of your locations, I feel like a VIP customer. Your staff even stayed late to do special alterations for me, and even came thru at the last minute for me. That was a WOW experience.

Anyway, I don’t think enough businesses truly run with the efficiency that Oceanside does, and truly focused on the customer experience.

Please thank your entire staff for me as I know it is always a team effort in a companies success.

Thanks again,
Christopher J. Halstead
District Manager