Full Service Tailor Shop

Zip On In and Alter Your Image

Bella Suljanhovic, desired by clients from prestigious retail shops, is now available to nip, tuck, repair and tailor all your garments five days a week at Oceanside Cleaners’  Ponte Vedra Beach location.

Let Bella Work Her Magic On:

  • New and Existing Apparel
  • Formal Dresses
  • Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Slacks, Trousers, Blouses, Suits, Jeans
  • School/Military/Martial Arts Uniforms
  • Public Service Informs (Patches and Trim)
  • Clerical Robes (Patches and Trim)

Fittings at the Ponte Vedra Beach location:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm, or by appointment.
Saturday :8am – 4pm, or by appointment.

Fast Turnaround and Free Pickup and Delivery!